Timeless: Every Time Apple Changes Something, They Break Something Else

Another update from Apple, another list of hassles.

This week I installed various Apple operating system updates: MacOS 10.15, “Catalina,” on a MacBook, and iOS 13 on various iPads and an iPhone. I braced for the problems, and they soon arrived.

The worst problem that has emerged in the first 48 hours since these installations is with the Books program, where I keep thousands of articles and e-books. Apple has completely screwed up the way that I had carefully arranged journal articles. 

Here, for instance, is a glimpse of the collection I made for scholarly articles and white-papers regarding artificial intelligence:

Notice the dates of the articles, underlined in red. The articles are supposed to be in ascending order by year. That order cannot be achieved automatically because there’s no way for the Books program to detect what year each and every article was published. Hence, I’ve spent hours organizing by hand these articles to be in the proper order. The display of the articles is set to “Manually” to show that order.

As can be seen in the picture, the articles are no longer entirely in order. Most are still in the right place, but enough of them are out of order that hours more time is required to put them back in place.

Why does this happen with every single software update, in the case of even the most basic elements such as ordered lists? Will it ever stop? Will Apple ever fix whatever is going wrong?

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